Dennis Andersen

Dr. Andersen practiced in Fairbanks, Alaska and Lake Tahoe California before settling in Loveland in 1992. In his spare time he loves spending time with his wife, four daughters, and son-in-law. He and his family enjoy being a very involved part of the Loveland community! He enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, with mountain biking being his favorite! He is excited to welcome his new granddaughter Nora Kate.

Dr. Andersen has been practicing dentistry for over 25 years. He graduated in the top 10% percent of his class from Washington University in St.Louis, and has continued to accumulate over 25 hours annually of advanced dental education. Dr. Andersen is a member of The Seattle Study Club which meets monthly regarding progressive learning in dentistry. A few of of his many strengths are that he is empathic, analytical, and loves learning.

The OVERALL HEALTH and WELL BEING of the patient is important to Dr. Andersen, and he enjoys working with both ADULTS and CHILDREN.

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